Bpk. Bambang Sutanto
Sekretaris Wakil Presiden RI
Deputi Bidang Administrasi

Although our build-out was significant and the timeframe was short we quickly developed a trust and confidence in the Intraco team's ability to deal with issues that arose to keep the project on schedule. The team exceeded our expectations every step of the way.
Ibu."Adek" Wahyuni Saptantinah
Kepala Unit Museum Istana dan Sanggar Seni,
Rumah Tangga Kepresidenan Republik Indonesia

I indeed appreciate very much during year 2000-2001, that PT Intraco Lestari has highly
developed the value of design, interior skill, and has proven invaluable in designing the interior
of Presidential Palaca Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta and supervising of an effective team
with quality of work as well as professional
Ibu. Endang Luciana
Pimpinan Kelompok
Divisi Umum Bank BNI

Your team represented our best interests and demonstrated a commitment to make this project
a success.
Bpk. Mahdar
Direktur Prasarana dan Sarana
Badan Pengelolaan Gelora Bung Karno (Senayan)

The first time we work with Intraco was based on a referral from the Secretary of State of the
Republic of Indonesia, and today I have no hesitation to refer Intraco to my colleagues.
Bpk. Wijanto Hadimarto
Kepala Bidang Teknik Umum
PT Angkasa Pura II

Intraco, its project manager and project superintendent demanded high standards from each
member of the building team and made this project a success.
General Contractor
Jl. Cideng Timur No. 7A-B, Jakarta Pusat 10130
t.+62 21- 633 3338   f.+62 21- 632 7411   email : info@intracolestari.com

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