For nearly two decades, INTRACO has operated under the ethic that every project should be accomplished on time, on budget and without compromising our client objective. Today, under this management of a professional team, our Portfolios vary, from infrastructural, commercial, governmental, institutional, industrial, to even residential.

We have successfully initiated, orchestrated, and completed projects of virtually every size and complexity in the industry, In the constantly charging dynamics of the construction industry, it is vital to research current trends, procedures, and materials. lt is essential to integrate applied research, knowledge. and craftsmanship. Your project becomes our project from day one. Our name will be forever attached to it, and we takes this responsibility, very seriously. We commit all of our knowledge and resources to best benefit your project.

Two-third of our portfolios was repeat business. This means TRUST and in Intraco, we understand it is the hardest thing to build; it takes every team-member’s effort and role to accomplish it. In addition, Intraco has achieved international acknowledgment through ISO 9001-2000. We believe in continuous improvement and we never stop practicing in order to reach operational excellence.

Truly grateful,

Effendi Susanto
President Director
Message from the President Director
"A construction company should always remain down to earth, so does Intraco"
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