Intraco started the very first main office In Jakarta in 1988 with a philosophy based on honesty and fairness. By maintaining these core values and adding emphasis on excellent planning, communication and teamwork, our company has grown and prospered. As a general contractor and construction company, Intraco is noted for the dedication of all efforts and initiative of our people to achieve high customer satisfaction by delivering results as promised. We are proud of our values, i.e. trust and reliability among our network of customers, suppliers, consultants and sub-contractors.

Intraco has grown through organizing ourselves around specific clients' needs to meet the unique expectation of our nationwide customers. The firm is organized around customers with specialized teams that build long-term relationship, a personal approach, flexibility and quick response time that have been trademark of Intraco service for nearly 2 decades.

We are always seeking new and innovative ways that can help our clients achieve their objectives.
General Contractor
Jl. Cideng Timur No. 7A-B, Jakarta Pusat 10130
t.+62 21- 633 3338   f.+62 21- 632 7411   email : info@intracolestari.com

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